Cookery School

Cookery School

One of our Corporate Customers was turning an area in their facility into a “Kitchen Innovation Centre”.

This centre would house multiple small kitchens, for suppliers to showcase their wares, and a main demonstration area for larger events.

Sight lines were an issue, as pillars, holding up the floors above were in the centre of the room. We had to provide enough screens and cameras so that viewers could not only see the Kitchen, but, what the chef was doing at the same time.

There could also be the possibility of Laptop inputs simultaneously.

To overcome the issues we decided on a dual camera system, to provide coverage of the wide workbenches. Two screens on the front of the canopy, with a further two mounted either side of the pillar, to provide suitable viewing for those at the rear of the room. Auto-Switching input plates from Kramer Electronics were used to manage VGA or HDMI inputs from Laptops.

There was also the ability to capture the presentations and stream over the network if desired.

The project required careful and meticulous planning, as we were working in conjunction with a number of suppliers of various descriptions through a building contractor. Cables had to be carefully managed, so as not to impede with other essential services, such as Air Con and HVAC Systems. It required “First Fix” for our essential cables, “Second Fix” for screen mounting, a finishing day and finally a commissioning day.

At the hand over, the customer was extremely satisfied with the final result.



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