Making the right decisions comes down to having the correct information and being able to get that information to the right people.

Our job as audio visual consultants is to ensure that your business has the right environment and tools to achieve this.

Many factors such as; inadequate display size, blind spots, sound issues and user access issues can be designed out at the planning stage of new projects.   Consultancy during refurbishments and upgrades can also help to identify and eliminate pre-existing issues.

During consultancy we'll consider a range of factors to ensure that the environment is suited to your requirements.

  • Display screen sizes and positions for best viewing
  • Room aspect ratio considering presenter focus and audience participation
  • Interior and architectural design relative to AV equipment
  • Seating layout and design relative to safety, viewing lines and comfort
  • Acoustic performance relative to noise versus sound, privacy and intelligibility
  • M & E design in terms of power, data, containment, space, heat and structural load bearing
  • Structured data cable systems in terms of AV utilisation and point to point requirements
  • Comms Room design in terms of cooling and space for AV Equipment

We offer our consultancy as a stand-alone service or as a part of a design and build service with full aftercare.  We have a team of highly experienced and uniquely qualified consultants with real life experience in all sectors of Audio Visual that make us the best choice to help you achieve success.

Please contact us with any questions or queries you have regarding our consultancy services.

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